holy matrimony 

It's more than the gorgeous dresses, perfectly arranged florals, and well lit reception.

‘Through sickness and through health’… ‘For better and for worse’… ‘Till death do us apart’… How beautiful are the vows that two people say to each other. Words, which do not remain merely words anymore, and in the speck of a second give a new meaning to life.
    I believe in the sanctity of marriage and for that reason, the ceremony may in fact be my favorite part of your wedding day! When you're reading your vows, once you finally say your "I Dos," and your first kiss as husband and wife. There isn't a more perfect defining moment during the day for me.
      To me it's just beautiful how two different people meet. The whole journey of complete strangers coming together, sharing little details about one another, to finally becoming the love of each other’s lives! It's just beyond explanation. Sometimes you cannot help but be wowed by destiny and how it plays out. They say matches are made in heaven, and this simple thought can turn your life around. You two complete each other. It’s like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, unable to just fit anywhere, crossing oceans and mountains to look for the perfect match, and finally finding the perfect fit and solace in each other’s company.



the bond between us goes beyond that of another merchant. I won't only be your wedding photographer, but your friend.

Every time I see two people in love, I can’t help but smile at God’s perfection in creating emotions and filling our hearts with it. Isn’t it amazing how hearts beat in union? Or when the slightest touch hit the right strings in hearts and make faces glow?
   What could be more beautiful than two people equally becoming spellbound? The sparkle in their eyes when they see each other and are about to join the sacred matrimony! That is enough to make me feel content about what I do for a living!
  From the moment you choose me to be your wedding day photographer leading up until the day of your wedding, I like to get to know my couples and grow a strong relationship. It is imperative to me that we communicate effectively, so we'll both have an understanding of what is expected the day of. I work with utmost passion, so that someday when you are old and feeble, and you take out your wedding album to show to your grandchildren, the little pieces of my work become the memories you can cherish for generations.



I capture the deep intimate moments, the glee, the tears, and the laughter.

When she walks down the aisle at her father’s side as he waits for her at the altar with an awe-struck look at his face. When the wedding ballads echo, everything turns magical in that very moment!
  There's nothing more exciting then capturing the passion shared amongst couples celebrating their moment of love. I love when there's so much emotion that I become emotional. Then there’s the reception. Two people who are madly in love, share a dance while the world stands still. If I had a chance, I'll be sure to capture all the passion and love that shows throughout the day. If only I could hold time, I would keep looking at the love that the two share. From the way she settles in his arms, to the way he whispers in her ear making her giggle like a child, I would turn it all over just to seize it all into the camera, making it one of the best memories of the couple!


There's so much beauty and love to go around and I understand that. What happens when you can capture all the love, emotions, and memories into one magical moment in time, savoring in its delight for the rest of time until you get intoxicated of it? You get perfection and utter brilliance! Photographs that with every look, evokes all your feelings of excitement, joy, bliss, and magnificence that you radiated on your wedding day. Now, that's my mission! At Lessie Blue Photography, I capture all of the precious memories and moments of that magical day and turn them into something that stands the test of time. Putting a smile on your face as you remember the day you said, "yes."

"She was easy going to work with and even though the time schedule we had planned wasn't working out she got all the photos we had wanted done before we had originally scheduled! She also came in with a vision. She said she had a style of picture she wanted to try that she hadn't done before so if we wanted to try it she'd appreciate it. It was a beautiful night shot in the rain. We have gotten dozens of compliments on it. In fact we have gotten dozen of compliments on our photos in general. This was huge for me. Its nerve wrecking picking a wedding photographer...you get one chance to pick the right one. We are incredibly happy with Lessie's work. I will forever love the quality of memories she gave me." 

Madeline & Shayne

Lessie did my Wedding in September!

"We are so happy she was the one that captured our special day! She was so professional. She was great at communicating with us in a timely manner and was extremely flexible when we had to reschedule our endgame to pictures. And my husband and I absolutely loved our wedding pictures as well. Lessie was able to captures so many great memories that we get to treasure forever!"

Yesenia & Robbie

Lessie was awesome!

"She was so easy going and willing to work with last minute changes. She's very professional and is great at directing for photo's as well as capturing all the little moments. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone and everyone who asks." 

Destiny & Billy

Lessie is amazing!


10 hours of wedding day coverage
complimentary engagement session
custom sugar & spice editing
shareable online gallery
luxurious USB
print release



 8 hours of wedding day coverage
custom sugar & spice editing
shareable online gallery
luxurious USB
print release



6 hours of wedding day coverage
custom sugar & spice editing
shareable online gallery
print release





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